About Me

I’m an intuitive poet who is booked for all types of events, including weddings and festivals, but you are likely to see me poeming on city streets and at markets. Some people call me psychic, while others call me insightful, but I like the term “Conscious Poet’. To me, conscious poet signifies who I am as a poet. Every word that I write is enthused with heart, pouring my all into every poem I create. I feel blessed that I can heal with words and transform lives.
If you have an event that practises any form of CONSCIOUS AWARENESS, including spiritual practices, healthy lifestyles, environment friendly, and compassion for humanity, then we might be a good fit. When you hire me for your event, you get a conscious aware poet who will give your guests a profound experience as I write them a personalised poem just for them.
HOW DOES IT WORK? They pick a word or (name), and I write a poem usually within three minutes! The process is that I don’t think. I just let the words flow, almost like channeling. My fees are $200 per hour in the Melbourne area. If it’s outside of this area, transport costs would need to be included. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me below.
About Me About Me